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Assisted Data Entry
Automate reports
High volume data entry can be expensive when large teams are required. Providing a suite of effective tools to facilitate high speed processing can yield massive savings in the long run.

A data entry and validation system designed for for a team carrying out high volume stock checking. Numerous custom features including auto completion of whole rows from a single key-value pair, predictive text and intelligent real time validation helped to drastically speed up their work.

Automated quote production system
Automated quote production system
An automated quote production system saves time and money, increases accuracy and ensures a standardised aesthetic.

An automated quote production system designed for speed. Simply type in the quantity for an item and the final cost, including any required associated items is added to a quotation proforma, ready for printing. What used to take 20 minutes now takes 20 seconds.

Automatic Time Sheet Production
Automated timesheets
When dealing with thousands of staff at dozens of pay grades with any number of wage enhancements for over-time and location AND working flexible hours the math can become extremely complicated! We'll always find a way to make the seemingly impossible look simple.

An automated time sheet registry used for invoicing and accounting for thousands of staff across dozens of paygrades at four different production sites. Automatically handles all of the complicated calculations. What used to take a team of six a whole day now takes one person less than an hour.

Archive and retrieval system
Automated archival system
Automated backup and archive of your valuable data is of huge benefit in business critical situations. Advanced custom search functions mean the precise data required is available instantly.

An semi-automated minutes system designed to be used live in meetings to safely back up and archive data and to allow instant recall of previous discussions using automatic search tags. No more pouring over notes to find that critical point from last month's key meeting.