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Direct from an expert

Bespoke Training

Each Excel user is unique. Often self taught and having learned on-the-job from collegues or online forums, each developer journey is distinct. I take the time to talk through this experience and understand what are a customer's strengths how they could benefit most from formal tuition.

Whether a candidate is looking to improve confidence at using the application in general or to close a specific skills gap I tailor the training for maximum benefit.

I'm very flexible when it comes to partnering with you and can provide one-off session, regular lessons or a time bank for you to draw from when you need me to assist with a particular issue and show you how to handle it with confidence next time.

Training is provided for Excel and/or Visual Basic For Applications (VBA). I'm happy to discuss training in more general areas of IT, analysis and data management or to mix related topics into Excel VBA sessions as required.

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One To One Tuition

Guided learning is without doubt the fastest and most effective way to learn, particularly when the tuition is one-to-one. Having an expert on hand to tailor a course to your needs, walk you through the difficult tasks and answer any questions along the way is invaluable.

I'll be happy to balance requirements with budget for you and tailor the course appropriately. While I strongly recommend repeated training sessions to assist with learning through repitition I have a great deal of experience at preparing the road ahead for candidates with suggested reading, exercises to take away and ongoing support to answer quick questions as the need arises.

Group Sessions

Group sessions of up to six participants are an efficient way to maximise return on your training costs. I gather requirements from each participant and build sessions that are of maximum benefit to all.

Remote Working

In order to offer customers the best possible value for money I use online conferencing for training delivery so as to avoid passing on travel and accommodation costs. I use share and control software to present my own computer screens to participants and - with permission - can control the participants computer remotely if required. I'll arrange either a direct or conference call as appropriate.

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Flexible Time Banking

Aside from pre-arranged sessions I offer a flexible time block system to answer questions, help troubleshoot issues or just to offer a little instruction here and there. Simply book an amount of time with me and contact me whenever you need help. I'll keep an account open and deduct the time taken to answer your question from the time block.

"Each Excel user is unique... each developer journey is distinct."